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Telephone Lead from Old Telephone  Exchange.pdf
Lead as used at the Old Telephone Exchange at Back Lane....

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Photos from Above.pdf
Photos from above including photos from church tower.

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Eastgate Photos with history.pdf
For more info see Files: File 1/ Eastgate Photos.... File 2/ Life at the Ratcatchers Row. Eastgate by Michael Yaxley.... File 3/ Rough Guide Map.... Roads Info: Rodwell Corner:Major Hubert Rodwelllived here. Easton Way: Alfred Eastonran Easton…

Church from Back Lane by Ivan Purdy.jpg
Photo: Back Lane, Norwich & Brandiston Road Early 1960’s
Photo taken from Church Tower.

Snippets from Cawston’s Past:

Back Lane, Cawston - There is an interesting theory concerning this stout name. It is that the back lane was the division…
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