New Street.


New Street.


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File 1: Map & New Street Shop File 2: New Street early 1960s showing old school & start of building new bungalows being built, photo taken from Church Tower. Files 3. 4 & 5 General Photos.


New street leading to Church Lane and Ames Court - Named after the Rev Ames and famiy and Back Lane.

New Street From Memory Lane Early 1900’s by Stanley Oakes.

New Street - early 1900's: On the right coming from the Aylsham Road was Marshall Howard's builders yard, he employed about 30 men of different trades. On the left were Mr and Mrs Sally Hill, who were cattle drovers, they would walk driving cattle to Norwich and bring back those that were sold at the sale, arriving at Horsford giving the animals a rest, arriving at Cawston in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A little further. on was Mr. Isaac Dent's general stores. Opposite this was Mr. Billy Wrights barber shop, two pence to cut a boy's hair, three pence for an adult. A little further down was a bakery, managed by Mr Pull and his wife. Next door was the village sweep Mr Brett.

On the other side was the Lamb Public House. Milk was brought into the village by Mr Tom Barrett (farmer) of Swanington, by house and cart, with a large churn, and a two gallon carrying can, with two metal measures hanging inside. I used to do part of the village before school and Saturday evenings. I would serve Goose pie, the last call would be the sergeants mess, which was the last house on the left. After I had served them they would make me sit down to a plate of two large slices of roast beef, or mutton, they saved all the jam jars for me, for which I got a half pence each.

New Street From the Parish magazine 1995 by Dennis W. Easton.

New Street was a busy street in the past. The Lamb was a good pub in its early days Hutton kept it also a butchers shop in the yard. Mr Chaffey said to Billy one dinner time bring Johnny Walker to school this afternoon. Billy said who is Johnny Walker. Mr Chaffey said ask your mother. Of course it was a bottle of whisky!

On the other side of the street was Brett the chimney sweep, later taken over by his son-in-law Joe Hudson who did it for many years. One play time at school. as we played mostly on the road. the sweep went past with his horse and cart and the name on the side was Joe Hudson. Practical Chimney Sweep, Mr Chaffey stood outside. I think I was about eleven. I said to him. Sir what does practical mean. He told me lets see if anyone else knows.

Next door to them was a baker's shop. this was run by Frank Pull. later by Fred Gooch. Lots of us still in the village went to school with his son Fred. also a girl who they brought up Alice Payne. Dent took it on when they left; this was the start of Dent's Bakery which is now part of Marsham's Garage. Dent had a shop and yard, it was a shop where you could buy anything. iron mongery. garden tools, etc. Vans travelled all over the district for miles around. He employed a lot of labour. Boys just left school started with him. He also farmed at Perry's Lane Cawston and Belaugh near Wroxham.

At the top of the street was M.D. Howard Builder and undertaker he employed a lot of men at one time. He had a yard, a portable steam engine and saw bench where they used to saw full size oak trees into coffin boards. In my day I have seen Eddie Cox only a young man then with two of Mr W Payne's horses on a big gill. bringing the trees into the wood yard. Later years M. D. Howard and Son, this place was sold to I & M Tubby Builders. There has been many changers there in the last few years, good luck to them. 1 have known that place since 1923 when I first started school, that school is no longer there.

On the other side of the street was The White Horse, this has never been a pub in my time. I have heard my father say when they had Fairs at Cawston, Horse Sales were held in New Street and they used to trot the horse down the street for the buyers. This was the first Car Repair Shop and that which is now a butchers was a Cycle Shop owned by Cecil Kybird.

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