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Douglas Brothers and Extracts from WW1 Diaries by Steve Andrews.pdf
Douglas Brothers and Extracts from WW1 Diaries. Children of Henry a Carpenter & Emma Douglas & having one brother & sister all of New Street Cawston.... Click on file to view full screen....

Cemetery Gravestones Plan Location.pdf
Cemetery Gravestones Inscriptions and Locations. The Gravestone project for St. Agnes' Church, the Cemetery and Memorial/Remembrance is ongoing and will be updated as time permit which is being listed to help those people who wish to trace some of…

Fifty Years On by John Kett.pdf
War Times Memories and Diaries By: See Files on right and as following:- 1/Fifty Years On by John Kett 2/Thoughts of a Wartime childhood by Robert Sonny Dewing 3/School War Times Notes 4/Second World War by Bill Sampson 5/Another Place &…
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