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Portraits in Wood and Stone.pdf
In this article John Kett points out that the bosses in St Agnes Cawston may well be portraits of men and women who supported the church in its early days. He goes on to talk about the gargoyles or water spouts that project from the gutters of…

In the past.pdf
John Kett was headteacher of Cawston Primary School from 1952 to 1978. In this article he remembers his time there recalling the less than ideal sports facilities and the messy job of reproducing the school magazine.

Yesterday's Children By John Kett.pdf
Yesterday’s Children: A somewhat unusual local history book written by John Kett in 1980 has been reprinted by the Historical Society by kind permission of the Kett Family.

The price of the book is £4.50 or £6.50 including post & package.

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