Village Hall. "The Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute"


Village Hall. "The Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute"


Location/Address: High Street. NR10 4BW

Emergency Heart Defibrillator installed outside the Village Hall.

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The Cecil Cawston  Memorial  Institute: George Cawston of London in 1896 bought the manorial rights of our manor and he proceeded to build Cawston Manor....

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Mr Richard Madle: In 2013 organised the installation of the Emergency Heart Defibrillator at the Village Hall.

Mrs Peggy Payne about 1998 in recognition of donations made for her birthday party presented a wall clock for the main hall.

Mr Mike Gibbs presented 2 sketches by Cecil Falkner Cawston (1878 – 1901) to the Village Hall on behalf of the Jessal Group.