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Village Walk by Karen Wells.pdf
Karen remembers the people and places she knew from her time in Cawston. Many of the shops and businesses are no longer here but still live in the memories of those who have lived or still live in Cawston. The photo is of Mr and Mrs Wilson taken in…

David Palgrave remembers life in The Loke.pdf
In this item David Palgrave recounts his memories of living in one of the cottages in The Loke Cawston. His family lived there from 1956 to 1964 when the cottages were sold. The Howes and the Chatters also lived in the cottages.

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Woollen Industry.pdf
For centuries the woolen industry was important here.
In the middle ages Flemish weavers came here, the gables ends on the houses in the High Street and the Rood Screen in the church remind us of this.
This area was very prosperous until machines…
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