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Mr John Kett.pdf
Champion of Norfolk Dialect.

Mr John Kett retired in March 1978 after 26 years as Headmaster of Cawston School.

In a few words it is impossible to do justice to what Mr. Kett has meant and means, to the school, the village and the wider…

Cawston College.pdf
A new seat of learning came to Cawston in 1964 when Cawston College, a Woodard School, was established at the Manor, with Mr. John Asquith as Headmaster.... Click on file to view full screen....

Education Schools.pdf
According to Mr Sam Hall of Peacock Cottages who told Mr Dennis W. Easton he went to the first school in Cawston which was in the the first house in Church Lane.... 1/Education/Schools 2/Moving to new School & Photos 1953 3/Old School…
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