Sygate or Southgate?


Sygate or Southgate?


The article from the Aylsham Local History Society talks about the derivation of the name 'Sygate' or 'Sea gatway'.


It is sometimes argued that the name Sygate is a corruption of the name Southgate but as the people of Cawston and Sygate know this cannot be the case since Sygate is actually north of Cawston. The name Sygate is thought to be taken from the Old English word 'sic' meaning a water course or runnel. Birds Lane is indeed a heavily ditched for an extended run and wet in places even in dry summer (page 252). For more detailed information about this click on the file.


Naomi Horrocks


Sea gatway or Sygate

Aylsham Local History Society Journal and Newsletter Volume 9 No 7


Maggie and William Vaughan-Lewis