Home Guard


Home Guard


War Times.


Home Guard:

Photo with Old Rectory in background.

Names reading from left:

Back Row: 4/ Don Radford. 5/ Jimmy Payne. 6/ Harrold Pratt. 7/ Tom Barker. 9/ Ernie Whall.
14/ Austin Clifford Roberts.
Second Row: 7/ John Long. 8/ Jack Delph. 9/ Tommy Neal. 11/ Clifford Pye.
12/ Mr J. Underwood.
Front Row: 9/ Mr Groom. 15/ Harry Carman.

Home Guard: The original name of the Home Guard was the Local Defence Volunteers and was changed to the Home Guard on instructions of Winston Churchill in July 1940....

The Home Guard was disbanded on 31st December 1945.

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Peggy Payne
Iris Bramble
Paul Roberts
Sylvia Raven
Audrey Butler