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Welcome to the Cawston Heritage website: The Heritage room in the Village Hall consists of memorabilia, photos, newspaper clippings, documents, family history, maps, books, CD's DVD's, video tapes and old property documents etc which can be viewed by arrangement - To contact us Please Click Here 

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Recently Added Items

A walk around Cawston by Karen Wells

Village Walk by Karen Wells.pdf

Karen remembers the people and places she knew from her time in Cawston. Many of the shops and businesses are no longer here but still live in the…

The family history of Robert J Austin

The Austin Family History.pdf

The history comprises family trees and Census information. Robert's ancestors all lived in Norfolk and mainly in the Cawston area. They were butchers,…

Sygate or Southgate?

Seagate or Sygate.pdf

It is sometimes argued that the name Sygate is a corruption of the name Southgate but as the people of Cawston and Sygate know this cannot be the case…