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Finds in Cawston: From time to time men working in the fields of Cawston have found flint tools used by our earliest ancestors, dating from the old…


Martin Sercombe

Media Projects East

Neil Storey

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Roads + Eastgate and Sygate/Southgate

Church Lane.pdf

Photos and some history for the Roads in Cawston + Eastgate & Sygate/Southgate.

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Gravestones - Memorial and Remembrance Project

Cemetery Regulations 1905.pdf

The Gravestone project for St. Agnes' Church, the Cemetery and Memorial/Remembrance is ongoing and will be updated as time permit which is being…

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Parish:- Heath. Booton Clay Pits. Village Sign etc

Our little big community library .pdf

This collection is for items which is difficult to include in other collections.

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Church and Chapels

Wesleyan Reform Chapel Indenture 1854.pdf

History and photos of the Church & Chapels

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Businesses/Trades History

Tuddenham Eggs.pdf

Cawston Business/Trades History and Photos

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Wall Hand Grain Grinder.pdf

Memorabilia which has been given to the Heritage Centre. Plus Video being part of the Cawston Remembers Project:


For Video: Martin Sercombe Mediia Projects East & Neal Storey.

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