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Sam Pye Butcher Next to Barclays Bank.jpg
Early 1900's Mr Sam Pye was a Cawston Farmer who also had the slaughter house & butcher shop....

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W H Allen Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.pdf
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer.
Invoice from W.H.Allen dated 1905 to Mr Richard Tubby, Eastgate.

Other invoices made out to:
Mr Thos Steairman, Eastgate.
Mr Alfred Beacon, Brandiston.
and ? Mr Sam Pigg, Brandiston.

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Howard Builders Brickmaker and Undertaker.pdf
Photos of staff and invoices etc. Richard Bothway Howard's Father Norman (1904-1972) was a Master Builder trading as M.D. Howard & Son, Cawston, The business was started in 1886 by his great uncle W.A. Howard who lived at Church Farm,…

Memorials and Remembrance.pdf
Memorial & Remembrance project is on going and will be updated as time permit....

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